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Tenant Improvements
Tenant Improvement Blueprint

Permit Required

Tenant improvement permits are required any time a commercial tenant space is altered. This includes but is not limited to adding, removing and moving walls. If you are not sure if you require a permit, please contact the Permit Center at 425-837-3100.

Ways to Apply

Online (preferred) Paper
Apply and upload your plans to Plans are reviewed, commented and approved online as PDF documents. You print your approved set upon permit issuance. See the Electronic Plan Requirements document for additional information. Request an appointment with a Permit Technician at 425-837-3100. Follow the application checklist for the number of copies of each document required.

Application Steps

We process tenant improvements as a combo permit, meaning all mechanical, plumbing and building permits are combined into one application and permit. If you are a plumbing or mechanical sub-contractor, please make sure your plans were included in the tenant improvement building permit set. Contact the Permit Center if you are not sure.

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents
Submittal Requirements

Required Forms

Supplemental Forms

Additional Information

Step 2: Intake Fee and Appointment
An intake fee is required as a plan review deposit. Please contact the permit center for the amount. Please note that only cash or check is accepted.

Intake appointments are not required if you are submitting on Appointments are required for all paper applications. Contact the Permit Center at 425-837-3100. 

Step 3: Plan Review
During this stage our staff will review your project and send correction items back if required. See our Average Review Times report for historical averages.

Step 4: Resubmittal (if required)
Resubmittals and revisions must be submitted with a Resubmittal / Revision Form. No appointment is necessary for drop off.

Step 5: Fee Payment and Issuance
The Permit Center will contact you when your permit is ready to issue. An appointment is required for permit issuance. See our Tenant Improvement Fee Estimator for more information. Additional fees or permits may be required depending on your scope of work.

We only accept cash or check. No debit / credit cards are accepted.

The fees calculated or listed on this site are an example of the most common tenant improvement projects, are for information purposes only, and are not a substitute for current codes and regulations.

Step 6: Inspections
To learn more, please see our inspection information.

Step 7: Certificate of Occupancy
Bring your completed and signed-off permit card to the Permit Center for your Certificate of Occupancy. No fee is required for this service.