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Dec. 12, 2016

Starting in late November 2015, movement was detected in the Parcel 9 hillside (see map of the approximate location).

With safety as the top priority, immediate mitigation measures were taken to address the movement, including removing dirt from the site and installing dewatering wells. 
All construction activities have stopped, except for work to monitor the site regularly, ensure safety, manage stormwater and collect data to determine next steps.

What’s Next
Here's a tentative timeline for Parcels 7, 8 and 9 moving forward:

Fall/Winter 2016 
Parcel 9 (Winterizing)
The property owner is preparing Parcel 9 for the wet season. This work will include removing soil to improve drainage, installing a pump that doesn’t run on a generator, site work and recovering the site with plastic.

Parcels 7 and 8 (Support Work)
The final plat for parcels 7 and 8 is being held by the City until critical items are completed, and must be approved before homes are built. These items include:

  • Building a booster pump station (which will pump water to tanks farther up the hillside) on the east side of Shangri-La Way Northwest between Northwest Talus Drive and Northwest Boulder Way. The neighborhood park will still feature the park swing and picnic bench.
  • Installing water mains from the new pump station up to the new water tanks. These water mains are not located where movement occurred on Parcel 9. To install these new utility lines, crews will be removing trees along the same path, which is about 25 feet wide. This work is permitted, and unlike the protected open space surrounding much of Talus, this land was designated as part of the development area. Crews will focus on erosion control, and the site will be replanted with native shrubs.
  • Building a support wall along Foothills Drive west of Parcel 9, leading up to parcels 7 and 8.

Spring/Summer 2017 
Infrastructure repairs
Next year, permanent repairs will be made to Shangri-La Way Northwest, as well as utility lines.

Parcels 7 and 8 
Potential construction of homes.

Parcel 9 
The property owner is hopeful that their stabilization efforts, following City review, will lead to their ability to move forward with a development review process.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQs include some of the most common questions that we have received from Talus residents. 

If you have further questions, please 
email us.

Where can I find some of the most-requested documents related to Parcels 7, 8 and 9?
View the City's Active Projects webpage

Could stormwater undermine the road in this current "temporary" condition? 
Stormwater facilities — both permanent and temporary — have been constructed, and inspectors are examining these facilities to ensure they are performing as planned and permitted.

Was the City monitoring the site work before this happened? 
Like all private development projects, regular inspection occurred on Parcel 9.

How do I share information and concerns with the City?
  • If you see something that you believe needs urgent attention, call 911. Dispatchers will work with you to determine the appropriate response (For example: public works, Eastside Fire & Rescue or the contractor).
  • If you see something that you believe needs to be repaired or evaluated — but it does not appear to need immediate attention — please Report a Concern. Each request is routed to the appropriate department and staff member for a response.
  • If you have a question, please email us.

How do I stay informed?
Connect with us on this page, sign up for email updates and follow us on Twitter.