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Expanded Work Hours Permit
Below you will find step by step instructions on obtain an Expanded Work Hours Permit. Full instructions are also available as a handout.

Standard Work Hours
Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Submission Deadline
Requests for Expanded Work Hours must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance.

Step 1: Determine your application class
Class 0 is based on the construction value of the associated building permit.

 Class 0 Class 1 Class 2
Minor construction activities valued under $15,000

Permit Fee: $0
Single family residence, not part of a larger residential project, as determined by the director, and not qualifying as a Class 0 application.

Permit Fee: $150
Does not meet the definition of Class 0 or 1 application

Permit Fee: $500

Step 2: Verify You are Able to Meet the Following Criteria
If not, you will be required to provide mitigating considerations during the application process.
  1. Proposed work does not include hauling on local residential streets; and, construction traffic will be minimal (less than 10 trips per day).
  2. Residences within 300 feet; or, as otherwise determined by the City, will be notified by the contractor a minimum of 24 hours in advance and an emergency contact name and phone number will be provided.
  3. Requested work is a Class 0 or 1 application (see IMC 16.35.015); or, allowing work provides a benefit to the community (as described on page 1 of this application).
  4. The contractor requesting Expanded Work Hours has not received any construction violations from the City over the past 30 days.
  5. Permit is valid for up to one year

Step 3: Apply Online
  1. Visit
  2. Click Apply on the left side of the home page
  3. Follow the prompts - Depending on your construction permit type, select Building, Clearing & Grading or Utilities. you will be presented with the option of "Expanded Work Hours"
  4. When prompted for permit valuation, enter the value of the associated building permit
  5. Finish the application

Step 3: Pay Application Fee
After submittal, our staff will review your application and invoice your fees through You will receive an email when your invoice is ready to be paid. Your payment options are:
  • Credit card paid through
  • Cash or check brought or mailed to our office at 1775 12th Ave. N.W., Issaquah, WA 98027

Step 4: Permit Issuance
Upon approval you will receive an email notification. You may download your permit card through Before work may commence, you must comply with all conditions including neighbor notifications and posting requirements.

Step 5: Neighbor Notification
A door hanger must be left at all residences within 300 feet of the construction area at least 24 hours in advance of work. The door hanger must, at a minimum, contain the following information:
  1. Description of work to occur
  2. Hours work will occur
  3. Emergency contact name and phone number

Step 6: Permit Posting
Permit card must be posted in a conspicuous location and visible to the public.

Each violation by any person, corporation, or other business or nonprofit entity in connection with the approved Expanded Work Hours permit, of the construction hourly limit set forth in IMC 16.35.010(A) or of limited approval granted under IMC 16.35.010(B), shall be subject to the imposition of a monetary penalty by notice and order of the Director as detailed below. In addition, the Director may issue a Stop Work Order for all construction permits as specified below on the lot or parcel on which the violation occurred:

   Class 0 Application Class 1 Application Class 2 Application
First Violation
(per permit)
 $500 $2,000 $5,000
Second Violation
(per permit)
$1,000 and Stop Work Order $5,000 and Stop Work Order
$10,000 and Stop Work Order
Third Violation
(per permit)
$1,000 and Stop Work Order and revocation of Expanded Work Hours permit
$5,000 and Stop Work Order and revocation of Expanded Work Hours permit
$10,000 and Stop Work Order and revocation of Expanded Work Hours permit