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people in parking garage

We're working to ensure parking in the Central Issaquah meets the City's vision and our community's needs.
In partnership with a consultant team composed of Fehr & Peers and EcoNorthwest, we analyzed two aspects of parking in Central Issaquah:

  1. Determine if the minimum required parking is set too low, resulting in off-site impacts. The work will require analysis of recently built projects — coupled with lessons learned from other communities — to determine if data supports the perception that off-site parking is occurring.  
  2. As structured parking may not be supported by current market conditions, determine if structured parking should be required to meet all or a portion of required parking minimums. Currently, structured parking is encouraged but not required.  

Our consultant team produced reports, which evaluated:

  1. Whether Central Issaquah is "right parked," or whether code revisions are warranted to increase or reduce parking standards (read more)
  2. The outcomes of mandating some, or all, of the required parking be in a structure (read more)

In June 2017, our consultant team presented preliminary findings to the Council Land & Shore Committee. Proposed code changes were then reviewed by the Planning Policy Commission.

On Aug. 7, 2017, the City Council voted to adopt amendments to the Central Issaquah Plan that:
  • Clarify the administrative adjustment of standards
  • Clarify the definition of parking structure and carport
  • Require structured parking for new residential of any size; office uses above 5,000 gross square feet; and retail uses above 25,000 gross square feet

To learn more about the final amendments, view Agenda Bill 7345.

Issaquah Contacts
Lucy Sloman, Land Development Manager