Tree Permits

Do I Need a Tree Permit?

In most cases, a Tree Permit will be required by the City for tree-related activities including, but not limited to, removal, pruning that qualifies as excessive pruning, and creating a wildlife snag. The most common exemption is for the removal of nonsignificant trees that are not protected by any other means. If you would like confirmation as to whether a Tree Permit is required for your circumstances, please email us.

Please note: A “Significant Tree” is defined as a tree at least six inches or greater DBH or an alder or cottonwood tree eight inches or greater DBH. 

Tree Permit

If you require a Tree Permit, you will need to apply via Please see the Tree Permit Submittal Requirements  for additional information.

Public Agency Tree Removal Notification

Issaquah Municipal Code 18.812.030(C) allows for Tree Removal by a public agency or a franchised utility within a public right-of-way or upon an easement, for the purpose of installing and/or maintaining water, storm, sewer, power, gas lines, communication lines, or motorized or nonmotorized streets or paths. However, notification to the Community Planning and Development Department is required prior to tree maintenance or removal within City-owned rights-of-way. Tree replacement is required. Please submit the required Public Agency Tree Removal Notification prior to any tree removal.


Note: If a fee applies, it will be assessed at time of permit application. A decision on the permit may not be made until permit fees are paid. Please see Issaquah Municipal Code (IMC) 3.64 for fees. 

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