Issaquah's Signals

The City currently has 45 traffic signals. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) also owns, operates and maintains 10 additional traffic signals within the Issaquah's city limits.

Through the use of an Intelligent Transportation System, City of Issaquah engineers can remotely monitor, operate and manage the City's traffic signals in coordination with the Washington State Department of Transportation. View our traffic cams online.

Criteria for New Signals

Standard guidelines for when traffic signals are installed are published by the Federal Highway Administration in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

How Signals Work

Vehicle detectors are typically installed in the pavement near an intersection, which allow the signal controller to know when a vehicle is waiting at an intersection. Signal timing and coordination is performed through an Intelligent Transportation System.

Report a Signal Problem

If you notice a malfunctioning City traffic signal (such as burned-out displays/light bulbs, damaged pole, etc.), please call 425-837-3470 immediately. After hours, call 425-837-3221.

For other signal related questions (such as traffic signal modifications, signal timing changes, etc.), email Public Works Engineering or call at 425-837-3400.

To report a problem associated with WSDOT signals (PDF), call 206-440-4491. WSDOT operates the traffic signals at all I-90 interchanges and along SR-900 between Newport Way and Northwest Sammamish Road.