Water, Sewer and Street Standards


Development standards for water, sewer and streets govern all new construction and upgrades, both in the right-of-way and on private property (even if it’s not maintained by the City).

The following documents provide standard guidance for design and construction of water and sewer facilities, municipal roadways, private roads, and public and private parking lots within the City of Issaquah:

Standard Details

Call the Public Works Department at 425-837-3400 for information on standard details, or how to obtain the details in AutoCad format.

Record Drawing Submittal Requirements

Record drawings are required for all construction projects conducted in the City of Issaquah. All record drawings must be stamped and dated by both a State of Washington registered engineer and surveyor. Record drawings are required prior to request for final inspection and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy.

Record drawing / as-built requirements can be found in Section 7 of the General Notes for Issaquah Roads and Utilities.