Static Maps

Discover our community through our most-requested maps. To view all of our static maps, visit the Document Center.

zoning Opens in new window
View our official zoning map for Issaquah.

land use
Land Use
View our official Comprehensive Plan Land Use map.

truck routes Opens in new window
Truck Routes
View truck routes through Issaquah.

snowplowing priority Opens in new window
Snowplowing Priority

See snowplowing priority routes in Issaquah.

streams classification Opens in new window
Streams Classification

See the classification of streams flowing through Issaquah.

non-motorized routes Opens in new window
Non-Motorized Corridors

View non-motorized corridors within Issaquah.

CARA Opens in new window

View Issaquah’s Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA).

fluoridated areas Opens in new window
Fluoridated Areas

See areas within Issaquah where fluoride is added to the water.