Stormwater Drainage Maintenance

The City of Issaquah, through its NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit, is responsible for ensuring that all private stormwater drainage systems that are connected to the City's municipal stormwater system are properly maintained and operated. The goal of this program is to keep our streams and lakes clean and reduce flooding.

What is a stormwater system?

Anything that collects stormwater. They come in all sizes, from large detention ponds and underground vaults, to small features such as catch basins (storm drains) and pipes. Drainage facilities located on private property are the responsibly of the property owner to maintain, and should be done regularly.

What are the regulations?

Commercial property owners, multifamily residential properties and owners of single family residential properties with privately maintained drainage and stormwater facilities are required by Issaquah Municipal Code 13.28.100 to maintain their stormwater facilities to Surface Water Design Manual standards. Even if your property only contains a single catch basin, it must be maintained.

What do the City inspections mean to me?

City inspectors will periodically visit your property to visually inspect stormwater facilities to assess their condition and identify required maintenance or repair, to ensure they operate according to their original design. If any portion needs maintenance or repair the property owners will be notified by letter. The property owner is then responsible for completing the necessary maintenance.

What if I don't pass the inspection?

Any identified maintenance and/or repair action must be conducted within 60 days (longer periods may be allowed if major maintenance or repairs is needed, require additional time). Examples of typical stormwater system maintenance include: cleaning sediment from catch basins and vaults, clearing vegetation from stormwater ponds, and repairing broken pipes or control structures. A follow-up visit will be done to verify work has been done.

Who do I call to do the maintenance work?

If your stormwater system requires maintenance or repair, King County has prepared a list of local firmsproviding drainage system maintenance services.