COVID-19 Update

The City of Issaquah is reducing inspection services in response to the Governor’s March 23 “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order and subsequent Construction Guidance Memorandum.  

To implement the executive order, City staff will be performing inspections for only commercial and residential projects that are determined by the City as essential. All construction of other non-essential commercial, single-family and multi-family residential projects must stop. This includes new construction, additions and remodels.

For inspection of construction projects that are essential, protecting the health and safety of City inspectors and the public is the City’s priority. For everyone’s protection, inspectors will not enter areas where physical distancing can’t be achieved, or areas where any parties display symptoms that are a concern. Inspections will be cancelled where this priority cannot be achieved.

Contractors or owners who request inspections for essential projects are required to notify the City, in advance of the inspection, if anyone on the job site or in the building area where the inspection will occur has experienced any symptoms of concern related to COVID-19. If the City determines the inspection may proceed, the notice will ensure inspectors are prepared to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Schedule an Inspection

See our Schedule an Inspection page for full instructions on how to schedule an inspection.

Status of an Inspection

Construction Hours

7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon-Fri
Expanded Work Hours Permit is required for work outside standard construction hours.


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Required Residential Inspections

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