Olde Town

Our Neighborhood 

When many visitors think of Issaquah, the Olde Town neighborhood is likely the first image that comes to mind. The Olde Town neighborhood is a neighborhood that pre-dates the suburban, car-oriented form of other parts of the City – thus adding to it’s tight-knit feel, small-town charm and authenticity.

Businesses are viable and provide daily services to those who live and work here. Olde Town is also a vibrant attractive, regional destination comprised of small-scale businesses—most are housed in buildings that are made of traditional architecture and comprise the historic downtown of our City.

Olde Town is easily, safely and comfortably traveled by car, bus, bicycle or foot. It boasts places to connect with the environment, cultural and civic interests, historic roots and a place where the views of the surrounding mountains are prominent. Some of the highlights in Olde Town are Gas Station Blues, the 4th of July parade, and Salmon Days in October.

Major Projects

  1. Design Standards
  2. Downtown Streetscape
  3. Traffic Calming

As part of the Olde Town Subarea Plan, adopted in 2018, the plan calls for new design standards and architectural guidelines.