Salary & Benefits

Salary (2018 Wages)

StepMonths of ServiceMonthly Pay
A0 to 6$6,041
B7 to 18$6,276
C19 to 30$6,519
D31 to 42$6,774
E43 to 54$7,104
F55 to 102$7,597
G103 or more$7,743

Officers can also receive paid Kelly Time and Master Employee Pay. Lateral officers can start at steps B to E, depending on experience.

Physical Fitness Incentive

Employees are eligible for a 1 percent physical fitness incentive, as provided in the Issaquah Police Guild labor agreement.

Longevity Pay (Monthly)

Years of ServiceService Pay
15 years1.75% x Step G
20 years2.75% x Step G
25 years3.75% x Step G


Years of EmploymentVacation Hours per Year
0 to 292 hours
3 to 4100 hours
5 to 9124 hours
10 to 14156 hours
15 to 19172 hours
20 to 24188 hours
25 or more196 hours

Medical /Dental / Vision

The City of Issaquah offers multiple medical and dental plans.

Uniforms & Equipment

Each officer is completely outfitted upon appointment and is provided replacements as needed.



Washington state's Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters State Retirement Plan II (LEOFF II) is the current retirement system.

Employees are eligible for vested retirement after five years of service and attainment of age 53, the amount equaling 2 percent of the final average salary for each year of service.

Monthly Benefit

The formula used to calculate your monthly benefit is:

  • service credit months / 12 x 2% x final average salary= monthly benefit


  • 300 months of service / 12 = 25 years x 2% = .05 x $95,000 = $4,750 per month

 *Average your monthly salary from the highest-paid 60 consecutive months in which you earned service credit. Usually, this is your last 60 months of service.

Life Insurance

The City of Issaquah provides life insurance for the officer.