Employer Support

Ongoing Employee Support for Salmon Friendly Trips

Employers can customize management of employee trip reduction efforts and benefit by linking to the Salmon Friendly Trips network. Contact us to join the network — and we can help set you up! Issaquah employers are eligible for:

  • Quarterly free REI gift cards and reusable high-quality Salmon Friendly Trips water bottles to be used for incentives and drawings to encourage employees to try alternatives to driving alone.
  • One-on-one training on how to use the Salmon Friendly Trips site. Employers can pull reports on carbon dioxide emissions, trips logging, money saved, non-drive-alone miles logged and track their employees' progress.

Commute Trip Reduction Law (CTR)

The state's Commute Trip Reduction Law (CTR) requires affected employers to encourage employees to find alternatives to drive-alone commuting.

The law was incorporated into the state's 1991 Clean Air Act to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and reduce energy consumption. The City of Issaquah partners with King County Metro to provide additional support to employers.

Together the City, King County Metro and Washington State Department of Transportation are working hard to provide alternatives to driving alone. The City hosts a Salmon Friendly Trips Network in order to help business leaders connect employees to find rideshare solutions and to develop a Salmon Friendly Trips culture in Issaquah.

Here are some Issaquah businesses that are part of the Salmon Friendly Trips Network:

  • City of Issaquah
  • Costco / Costco Travel
  • King County Library
  • Microsoft
  • NAES
  • SanMar
  • Siemens
  • Swedish / Issaquah