Map Your Neighborhood

What is Map Your Neighborhood?

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) is a program offered through the Issaquah Citizen Corps Council and the City of Issaquah that helps Issaquah neighborhoods prepare for disasters.

When a disaster hits, first responders will not be able to help everyone – and that's where your neighbors can help!

Knowing what to do in the first 60 minutes following the disaster – called the "Golden Hour" – can help save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and minimize the amount of damage that you, your family and neighbors sustain.

How Does MYN Work?

Neighbors, usually about 15 to 25 households in your area get together for a neighborhood party where you:

  • Get to know your neighbors!
  • Learn the nine steps to follow immediately following a disaster.
  • Identify the skills and equipment each neighbor has that could be useful in a disaster response.
  • Create a neighborhood map that shows the locations of each natural gas meter and propane tank, as well as households that may need extra help.
  • Pick locations for a neighborhood gathering site and neighborhood care center.

I'd Like to Host. What's Next?

It's easy! The Issaquah MYN program provides free trainers, who can come to your neighborhood party and facilitate a 90-minute training.

As your neighborhood's "organizer," we ask that you organize the party, invite your neighbors and provide us with some post-training information.

Browse through our step-by-step guide, as well as tips to help increase your neighborhood's participation.

What if I Have Further Questions?

Please contact us – we are here to help!