Human Services Grants

  1. 2023-2024 Human Services Funding Cycle
  2. Emergency  housing program pilot

The application for the 2023-2024 Human Services funding cycle is now closed. 

Grant recommendations will be made by the City of Issaquah’s Human Services Commission, a 7-member volunteer board appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Human Services Commission will use the strategic priorities from the Human Services Strategic Plan to guide its funding decisions. 

Application Assistance

City of Issaquah staff is available to help with any questions related to the City’s process and/or answer questions you may have about the content of the application. Please contact Hannah Roberts by email or at (425) 837-3416 for additional information.

New organizations and entities not currently funded through the City of Issaquah are strongly encouraged to contact us prior to submitting grant requests.

Funding Criteria

In order to be considered for funding, agencies must:

  • Submit a complete application.
  • Be a 501(c)3 organization.
  • Meet the City’s insurance and business licensing requirements (please see minimum requirements document or contact city staff for information).
  • Be willing and able to accept reimbursement for funds on a quarterly basis.
  • Regularly track and submit required reports regarding services and demographics.
  • Serve City of Issaquah residents

Funding requests less than $4,000 per program will not be considered by the Human Services Commission. Organizations that are planning requests at or below this amount are strongly encouraged to contact City staff before deciding whether to apply to the City.

2021-2022 Who We Funded

We provide funding for a variety of human services through grants to local and regional agencies. The City coordinates the administration of these grants with other funding providers in the region and follows a two-year grant cycle.

View 2021-2022 Human Services Grants

In 2020 the City of Issaquah partnered with Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank to pilot an Outreach and Case Management Services for individuals Experiencing Homelessness in Issaquah. In 2021, this pilot project was expanded to a long-term City led Homeless Outreach Program that works with people who are experiencing homelessness in our community. For more information, please visit our Homeless Outreach Program webpage

The City of Issaquah offers Grassroots Grants that support small community-based and culture-based organizations who may be under-represented and may not have the infrastructure in place to apply for and manage the full range of current grant requirements. We understand however, that many of these organizations can more effectively reach and address the needs of the diverse populations represented in our community. 

The following organizations are funded for 2021-2022 Grassroots Grants:

  • The Garage, A Teen Café is a non-profit organization that provides a safe space and resources for high school-aged teens.
  • Latino Club Issaquah is an organization that connects Latino Families to the resources and help them navigate the experience of living in Issaquah.

For more information on the grant process and how the application and administration of grants is conducted, please email Hannah Roberts, Human Services Coordinator.