Our Neighborhood 

The Newport neighborhood is located to the west of SR 900 and south off I-90.

Mostly residential uses and open space dominate the hillsides of this neighborhood with the density focus being on the Central Issaquah sub-area—which includes mixed-use buildings landscaping and street improvements, with some exceptions.

A variety of apartments, single family homes, condos and townhouses comprise this neighborhood, most with their own individual HOA’s.

The Newport Way Northwest Corridor crosses over the iconic Tibbetts creek and serves as a connector with the Mountains to Sound Greenway—it’s also walking distance to Tibbetts Valley Park, a City-wide recreational facility and to the SR900 Park and Ride.

Along the corridor is a trailhead managed and owned by King County, that allows for trail access into the Cougar Mountain open space.

Recently, the residents in this community rallied together to preserve 27.5 acres of green hillside that was slated to be a residential suburban community. The land, called Bergsma, was purchased by the City, and will remain as open space along the Newport Corridor.

Major Projects

  1. Corridor Concept
  2. County Trailhead

This is a multi-year capital improvement project improving Newport Way Northwest between State Route 900 and Southeast 54th Street

  1. Traffic Alert: Newport Way

    A portion of Newport Way will be reduced to one lane from 12-3 p.m. today. Read on...
  2. Traffic Alert: Newport Way NW

    The City is constructing a new pedestrian bridge across Anti-Aircraft Creek and a raised intersection and pedestrian crossing where the Cougar Precipice Trailhead meets Newport Way NW. Read on...