Pavement Management Program

E Sunset Way


Issaquah's program aims to maintain and protect an important community asset – our streets.

The City evaluates streets with a third-party analysis, as well as an internal inspection process, to identify pavement conditions. Using that analysis, the year of treatment and the scope of required work is then coordinated with other City departments to reduce impacts to the citizens. For more detailed information on how the Pavement Management Program utilizes the third party analysis read here

For more detailed information on how the City of Issaquah’s Pavement Management Program is set up, read here.

Ongoing Maintenance

precision markings on sidewalkAs part of the CMP ongoing maintenance around the City, work is done to maintain our sidewalks by grinding down and ensuring our walkways are ADA compliant. Teams survey locations within neighborhoods and then work is done to ensure uneven panels are brought back into acceptable parameters to remove hazards. You may notice markings on our sidewalks that look like the photo to the left. 

2023 Overlay Projects

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