Bergsma Acquisition


Donate Online

Community members have expressed interest in supporting the City of Issaquah in its purchase of the Bergsma property. In early January, the City Council approved allowing Issaquah to receive monetary donations to partially offset the City's cost for the acquisition.

To ensure 100 percent of all donations go directly to land acquisition, the City is using its Parks and Recreation registration portal to accept donations, rather than an online fundraising platform.

To donate online, our system requires users to log into an existing account, or create a new one by providing some basic information. It is also limited to several pre-set donation amounts. Register and donate online.

Donate Via Phone/In Person

If you would rather customize a donation amount, you can also donate by:

  • Calling 425-837-3300.
  • Visiting the Issaquah Community Center's front desk at 301 Rainier Boulevard S.


Following a long-standing history of successful regional partnerships and open space acquisition in Issaquah, the City Council approved a plan to preserve 46 acres on Cougar Mountain in late 2018. 

Commonly called Bergsma, the land located on the northeast corner of Cougar Mountain between Newport Way Northwest and Talus has been proposed for development – most recently as 57 homes. It is one of the last significant pieces of privately-owned open space property zoned for development in Issaquah. 

The City's planned acquisition of the Bergsma property – in partnership with King County and The Trust for Public Land – will serve as a gateway to Cougar Mountain from Issaquah's valley floor. The land connects to a "green necklace" of other City parks, trails and open spaces; the master-planned Talus community; and a major transit center serviced by Trailhead Direct, King County's transit-to-trails program.