Mobility Master Plan


Our region is growing at an unprecedented rate bringing economic prosperity, but also challenges related to mobility. As more opportunities for jobs, recreation and services are presented, we must be intentional with how our transportation system changes with those opportunities. To ensure our community’s values and vision are reflected in future decision making around transportation, the City created it’s first Mobility Master Plan. 

The purpose of the Mobility Master Plan is to identify a vision for mobility in the community, set policy and help prioritize equitable transportation investments and resources throughout the Issaquah community. Through the planning process with our community, staff identified the resources required to support safety, access, commerce, quality of life and connectivity for all mobility choices. The City Council adopted the vision, goals and policies into the Comprehensive Plan in 2020 and the full plan’s strategies and actions in 2021. 

The Transportation Advisory Board is the lead advisory board on the implementation and management of the Mobility Master Plan. You can monitor plan implementation on the master plan on the board’s webpage

The City hired Fehr and Peers to serve as the lead consultant to develop the Mobility Master Plan.