Mobility Master Plan


Our region is growing at an unprecedented rate bringing economic prosperity, but also challenges related to mobility. As more opportunities for jobs, recreation and services are presented, we must be intentional with how our transportation system changes with those opportunities. To ensure our community’s values and vision are reflected in future decision making around transportation, the City is creating it’s first ever Mobility Master Plan.

The purpose of the Mobility Master Plan is to set policy and help prioritize future transportation investments and resources needed through 2041, when light rail is expected to arrive in Issaquah. Through the planning process with our community, staff will identify the resources required to support safety, access, commerce, quality of life and connectivity for all mobility choices.


In March 2019, our work began on the Mobility Master Plan, which will be completed in five phases through 2019 and early 2020.

Phase 1: Assessment of Current Conditions

Work with a consultant team to collect and analyze all available information related to how the transportation system functions today. This effort includes evaluating existing planning documents and looking at how people choose to get around Issaquah today.

Phase 2: Identify City Priorities

Engage the community on the guiding principles for transportation system as we plan for the next 22 years. The guiding principles will preserve the City’s vision for the transportation system and how the City will move forward on all transportation related policies, programs and projects.

Phase 3: How to Achieve City Priorities 

Use the guiding principles identified in the previous phase to recommend appropriate policies, programs and projects. Our recommendations may include the preservation of some components and updates to other components of our transportation system.

Phase 4: Community Review of the Draft Plan (Current Phase)

Engage the community (see draft plan) to confirm we listened through this process prior to bringing a draft to the City Council for adoption.

Phase 5: City Council Review of the Draft Plan

Review the draft plan with the City Council and Council will adopt the finalized Mobility Master Plan.

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