Our Neighborhood

The Sycamore neighborhood is located on both sides of Front Street South (Issaquah/Hobart Road S.E.), at the southern edge of the City limits, nestled in the foothills between Tiger Mountain and Squak Mountain of the Issaquah Alps.

Primarily the neighborhood consists of single-family homes on large lots, with many native trees and shrubbery throughout. The neighborhood on the west side of Front Street South is built around the iconic Issaquah Creek which supports the native Coho, Chinook, and Sockeye Salmon that Issaquah is well known for. The Sycamore neighborhood has matured for the last 30 years and large expansion of the neighborhood is constrained by steep slopes and wetlands.

Sycamore boasts easy access into Olde Town Issaquah, is located close to schools, is close to the Squak Valley Park and to the well-known and highly trafficked Poo-Poo Point Trail Head a few miles south on Front Street South (Issaquah/Hobart Road S.E.).