Squak Mountain

Our Neighborhood

Squak Mountain is closest of the three mountains to downtown Issaquah and while a portion of it is the forested 1,570-acre Squak Mountain State Park with equestrian and hiking trails, there is a large, well-developed residential area.

There are a few larger neighborhoods on Squak Mountain that are governed by an HOA—leaving other residents without an organized HOA.

Squak Mountain is well known for towering evergreen trees, that not only add to the natural beauty, but also create privacy and sound barriers for neighbors.

There is a diversity of homes and lots in the area along with many of the streets named after mountains.  The neighborhood has a main road that leads into a few dead-end streets that help reduce traffic and add to the quiet nature of the area.

The neighborhood also has a wide range of views as well, with views of Lake Sammamish, downtown Issaquah, or forest views, and some on wooded lots. The older development started in the 1960s and 1970s with newer development continuing.

The more organized HOA’s in Squak Mountain such as the Woods and Inneswood host an Easter egg hunt annually along with National Night Out events. A favorite hike of many on Squak Mountain is to the famous Bullitt Fireplace, a moderate hike off the Bullitt Fireplace Trail.

Major Projects

  1. Kelkari Phase 2
  2. Tibbetts Creek Crossing
  3. Hillside Park Improvements
  4. Squak Mountain Non-Motorized Improvement Plan

Intracorp is building 35, three-story town homes with two-car garages.