North Issaquah

Our Neighborhood 

The North Issaquah neighborhood is located primarily on the valley floor, on the north side of I-90.

Residential Neighborhoods include Overdale Park, Rivenwood, University House, a retirement community, along with other condo and townhome developments with individual HOA’s. There is also a strong retail industry with a variety of businesses within a few minutes’ drive or walk for some.

North Issaquah has panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains and boasts easy access to Lake Sammamish State Park and is close to the popular Duthie Hill Park for mountain bike enthusiasts.

In addition to easy Lake access, North Issaquah also has a variety of trails throughout and provides an easy connection to the popular East Lake Sammamish Trail that connects Issaquah all the way to Redmond.

Major Projects

  1. Mallard Pointe
  2. Providence Ridge

34 single-family homes built on 13.2 acres with a buffer of open space between the homes and the main arterial.