Donate a bench

Bench Donation Program 2

Summer 2023 Notice: This program is temporarily on hold. New submissions will be accepted beginning in October 2023.

Leave your mark in an Issaquah park! 

The City of Issaquah’s Bench Donation Program is a wonderful way to give. Your gift will be enjoyed by many in our community and your contribution is a way to enhance the City’s park system.

Bench Location

View the City’s pre-approved donation bench locations.

Bench Cost

$3,000 includes: bench, plaque, concrete pad, installation and maintenance.

Check, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Checks are to be made payable to the City of Issaquah. Payment must be made in full prior to bench/plaque purchase and refunds will not be issued.

Bench Styles

Bench styles are predetermined and specific to each park according to the park’s master plan and/or City standard.


Your donation will be recognized by the placement of a plaque that will be mounted on the backrest of the bench.


City Park Planning staff will be reviewing new submissions of inquiry forms in October 2023. Once reviewed, staff will contact you for further coordination prior to payment. Upon approval and payment, your donation bench will be installed in the next available installation window. Installation windows are determined by seasonal variations in workload and weather impacts. The bench donor will be contacted a minimum of 3 days prior to installation. Upon installation, the bench shall vest with the City.

Bench Maintenance

The City will maintain the donated bench for its natural lifetime, estimated to be approximately 15 years. Should vandalism occur, the City will make every effort to make furnishings whole. If the bench becomes too unsafe to sit on or if it is vandalized beyond repair or in a manner that makes it visually unacceptable or it no longer meets City standards, removal of the bench is at the sole discretion of the City. The City may remove, relocate and shall otherwise have sole control over the donated bench.

While the City appreciates donations for benches, the City is under no obligation to accept donations even if the request meets all criteria set forth in the Policy. City of Issaquah procedures, policies, guidelines and fees outlined in this guide are subject to periodic review and changes.

Inquiries about the Bench Donation Program can be made with the City of Issaquah Parks & Recreation, Park Planning and Development staff.