Office of Sustainability

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What We Do

The Office of Sustainability develops and implements projects, programs and policies within the City and community to advance sustainability and environmental stewardship in Issaquah and to achieve the community's interrelated environmental, economic and social sustainability goals.

Issaquah is a leader in demonstrating the next generation of sustainability in the Pacific Northwest, and serves as a model for innovation, collaboration and effectiveness within our community.

  1. Gibson Ek Graduate Leaves Legacy Garden to Feed Others, Inspire Change

    Gibson Ek High School graduate Connor Lo grew 130 pounds of fresh produce for the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank last year. Read on...
  2. Heat Pumps: Sustainable Heating and Cooling

    Switching to electric heat pumps for heating and cooling your home can dramatically reduce your personal carbon emissions, improve your comfort, indoor air quality and reduce utility bills. Read on...
  3. Lower Issaquah Creek Restoration Underway

    Creek restoration project to construct channels, install log pieces and plants, improving the stream channel for salmon. Read on...