"Staff That Go Above and Beyond"

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"The staff at the Pickering Barn are very professional and attentive to our needs throughout the entirety of our rental. Time and time again they have stepped up and gone beyond the call of duty to make sure our sale/event operates and runs smoothly. 

Their timely communication, attentiveness, professionalism, and kindness keep us coming back twice yearly for our events. I'm so pleased to be able to call them friends after working together all these years. 

2020 has thrown us so many curveballs and this year the Pickering Barn staff really stepped out of their comfort zone to help us with a last minute venue change (in order to comply with governor mandates), they came through for us in a way that I could have never expected. The tenacity and flexibility to roll with the changes made our whole event seem seamless."

Very much appreciated,

Courtney Evans