Public Comment Guidelines

Until further notice, Council Meetings will be held remotely. Look to the posted agendas for the meeting link and call-in number. 

To speak under Audience Comments, sign-up in advance of the meeting (by 5 p.m.) and follow instructions provided. 

Submit written comments to


Thank you for your interest in providing public comment to the City Council! Here are the guidelines set for the in-person meetings.


Each person addressing Council shall step to the lectern. Speakers are asked to provide their name and address or relationship to the City for the record. Comments are limited to 5 minutes each. The presiding officer shall have the discretion to make exceptions to the time restrictions.


Personal attacks, obscene language, derogatory remarks and disruptive behavior such as shouting, booing, clapping, and stomping feet will not be permitted. If a speaker is out of order, the presiding officer will direct the speaker to return to his or her seat. If a speaker does not comply, the presiding officer may take a recess to restore order. If a disruption to the meeting occurs and order cannot be restored, the Mayor may proceed to use one of the options provided for in RCW 42.30.050 to ensure orderly continuation of the meeting.

Large Groups

For any groups in attendance that may be intending to speak on the same topic, the presiding officer will request:

• That the group consider identifying a spokesperson

• That all those who would like to indicate support of a stated position raise their hand

Visual Presentations

Visual presentations must be provided in advance to the City Clerk’s Office. Presentations will be accepted up to two hours prior to the start of the meeting. If a visual presentation cannot be accommodated due to timing, technical or logistical issues, the City Clerk’s Office will work with the individual to ensure that the City Council receives the content of the presentation.

Written Comments

Any written comments or documents provided under Audience Comments shall be submitted to the City Clerk. The City Clerk will provide the documents electronically to the City Council distribution list and copy any relevant City staff. The originals will be filed with the City Clerk’s Office.


Traditionally, Council does not respond to comments made at the meeting; however, the Mayor or City Administrator may direct staff to follow up with the speaker as appropriate.