Land Use Code Overhaul

Drone shot over Issaquah


The Land Use Code overhaul is a citywide effort aimed at updating the regulations that guide growth and development in Issaquah. This project will help us better preserve, strengthen and protect the patterns of development that define the character of the City. 


Title 18, the City’s Land Use Code adopted in 1996, has been modified annually to become a patchwork of ordinances. The Land Use Code Overhaul will generate a completely new set of zoning and land use regulations that will replace the existing code. 

The code overhaul will focus on overall improvements to updating definitions, land use permit procedures, and use standards; updating the sign code; creating new requirements for Community Spaces ;removing some currently allowed uses from certain residential zones; updating critical area standards; incorporating neighborhood-specific regulations into the Title; creating 2 tiers of standards for some regulations; and, improving public noticing.


The goals of this project are to provide:

  • Improved clarity & predictability
  • Enhanced organization & usability
  • Integrating neighborhood-specific standards into the overall code
  • Improved environmental sustainability
  • Improved consistency with adopted plans and recent court decisions; and,
  • New requirements to better manage growth into the future.


  • February 2019: Project kick-off
  • November 2019: Staff present general overview to City Council
  • February 2020: Draft of new code available
  • April 2020: Council briefing
  • June 2020: Council briefing
  • September 2020: Estimated completion

Along with briefings to the City Council, several City board and commissions will also review and provide input in 2020, including the Planning Policy Commission, Development Commission, River & Streams Board and Park Board.

Public Engagement

To stay connected on this project, subscribe to the Development category in the City's Notify Me tool.  The project team is also available to set up in-person meetings with interested community members.