Welcome to Issaquah, Washington!

Issaquah is a perfect place to visit because of its proximity to main amenities. Originally built to serve the mining industry that thrived on two nearby mountains, Issaquah is now a modern thriving city surrounded by parks popular with hikers, a historic downtown, the highly-respected Village Theatre, Cougar Mountain Zoo and the Issaquah Hatchery that helped restore salmon run on Issaquah Creek.

Issaquah, only a short drive from Seattle, is a popular weekend destination for hikers, paragliders, history buffs, and foodies.

Issaquah Discover Destination Promotion

Issaquah is the ideal spot to go for adventure. Discover unique experiences, places to stay, restaurants, and local attractions through Visit Issaquah, the City of Issaquah's official Destination Marketing Organization.

Lodging Tax Funds Tourism Grants

Issaquah's tourism program annually awards tourism grants to support public and private sponsored special events, festivals, marketing and tourism promotions.

This program is made possible by revenues collected by Issaquah from a one percent (1%) lodging tax on the rental of hotel rooms in Issaquah. For more information about lodging tax fund here.