Hillside Cemetery



The City of Issaquah owns, manages and maintains Hillside Cemetery, which is located on Squak Mountain (see map).  

We’re currently planning for the long-term management and financial sustainability of the cemetery – and want your input! 

The lower cemetery has very few spaces left for sale, while a portion of the upper cemetery still has capacity (about 1,000 spaces). As the City prepares to open more of the upper cemetery, our team is planning for how best to utilize the existing footprint of both locations. Initial plans include adding estate plots to portions of the upper cemetery, and new columbaria – respectful storage spaces for cremated remains – to both locations (currently, columbaria are only located in the lower cemetery).

Our team also plans to:

  • Consider new fees to remain competitive with the market, and to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the cemetery.  
  • Negotiate a management agreement with Flintoft's Funeral Home and Crematory to assist with plot sales and operations. 


The lower cemetery was annexed to Issaquah in 1915, while the upper section was approved in 1990.

Since 1938, the City has collaborated with Flintoft’s Funeral Home and Crematory to manage the operations and maintenance of these facilities.  The City manages and plans for the general ground maintenance, major capital projects and security., while Flintoft’s manages all sales, funerals, burials and cemetery services.  

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