Utility Rebates

Senior Program
Household Program
COVID-19 Bill Relief Payment Plan
Population Limited income seniors Limited income households COVID-19 Impacted households
Age 62+ No age requirements No age requirements
Income Threshold 65% of Area Median
Income (AMI), 
or $58,400 in 2021
150% federal poverty level
(FPL) or monthly income of $3,219 for a household of 4

Available to those eligible 
for PSE HELP (learn more 
to see if you qualify)
Financially impacted by the COVID-19 
virus and requesting a flexible payment plan
(within City of Issaquah)
Single-family and multifamily
(within City of Issaquah)

All utility service customers with 
City of Issaquah utility account.
Own/Rent Own or rent Own or rent Own or rent
Residency Current resident Must be resident for last
12 months
Current resident
Enrollment Period Rolling enrollment Annual enrollment deadline of Oct. 31
*Must be enrolled in 
PSE HELP to be eligible
On-going during the COVID-19 
Discount  Monthly rate discount Annual rebate check Can pay monthly bill in monthly installments over 6 months. Late 
penalties incurred starting March 2020 waived for the duration 
of the COVID-19 emergency.
Amount 75% off total water 
and sewer bill; 100% 
off stormwater bill
$100 rebate check Varies - waived late penalties
Learn More How to apply This program is closed until Jan. 1, 2023. Check back in the new year! How to apply

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