City Quarterly Updates



Learn more about the City's current projects, workplan and progress on implementing its Strategic Plan via the following quarterly reports:

Report Highlights

Citywide Workplan

The Administration has historically prepared a two-year Citywide work plan and presented the work plan to the City Council at the Council retreat that occurs in the beginning of the year. The work plan contains the significant projects that are not capital projects and are aligned with the six goal areas from the Strategic Plan. Importantly, the projects listed on the work plan are only a fraction of the work being performed in the City’s departments.

As the previous work plan covered 2020-2021, this year’s work plan is a new plan that encompasses 2022-2023. The plan contains both new actions and refreshed descriptions of actions carried over from 2021. Actions that have been completed and actions that belonged to the short-term plans generated in 2020 (the COVID-19 Work Plan and Police Accountability, Human Services and Equity Action Plan) have largely been removed. The Administration has provided the updated work plan from the end of the first quarter of 2022 and will continue to produce quarterly updates on the progress of the plan throughout 2022.

Capital Project List

In addition to the Citywide work plan, the Administration has also historically prepared a report on the capital projects that staff will work on each year. The report provides a summary of the status for each capital project as well as a general description and a graphical timeline. This report reflects project updates from the end of the first quarter of 2022. The Administration will continue to update this report at the end of each quarter. 

2021 Yearend Financial Report

For the 2021 Yearend Financial Report, General Fund budget revenues finished $13.4 million higher than expenditures. This represents a decrease of $5.2 million from the October forecast for year end, and the unaudited 2021 actuals. A key driver was the decrease in personnel expenditures due to 54 full-time positions vacated in 2021, representing nearly 22% of all budgeted full-time positions in the City. 37 of these positions were at least partially funded in the General Fund. Revenues also came in higher than forecasted by $2.0 million, with sales tax and utility tax revenue outperforming estimates. 

Performance Measurement Report

Since the November 2021 approval of the 2022 Performance Measurement Plan, staff have continued to implement the key cornerstones of the plan—Citywide performance measures, program-level performance pilots, and data governance. The Performance Measurement Report provides more details on these efforts. 

Economic Development Report

Issaquah’s economy continues to recover and grow in 2022, although not all sectors are back to pre-pandemic levels. The Administration continues to be the liaison for all existing and new businesses, property owners, and other investors – no matter their size or length in business. This work will help to ensure that our businesses are thriving and grow in Issaquah. 

The Economic Development Report summarizes the following items:

  • Economic data including retail sales & use tax collection, commercial rent, unemployment rate, and vacant properties 
  • Staff activities including business and property assistance, tourism, and coordination with partners 
  • Business Wish List survey summary and next steps 
  • Upcoming 2022 activities