Issaquah Creative District

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Designated as a “Washington State Certified Creative District” since 2020, the Issaquah Creative District offers a wide variety of arts and culture activities, public gathering spaces and creative businesses all in a pedestrian friendly environment. The district is comprised of the downtown Issaquah Cultural and Business District, Gilman Village and NE Gilman Boulevard.

The district boasts locally owned restaurants, multiple music schools, art maker spaces and historic landmarks. Creative sector businesses are broad and include design, photography, videography, creative software, brewing, jewelry making, architecture and drafting, advertising, and other activities.

The creative district’s cultural anchor is the award-winning Village Theatre — one of the Pacific Northwest’s most treasured professional performing arts venues and an originator of works bound for Broadway. 

No matter where you do business in Issaquah, we look forward to helping you nurture our creative economy to grow potential for businesses, residents and visitors.

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