Historic Landmarks

The following buildings have all been designated as historic landmarks within Issaquah. 

Historic Landmark- Auto Freight Building

Auto Freight Building

92 SE Bush St.

The historic Issaquah Auto Freight building was constructed by the Castagno brothers in the 1930s and used by their Issaquah Auto Freight company as a warehouse and garage. 

Historic Landmark- Conrardy House

Conrardy House (Miller House)

350 Mt. Jupiter Drive SW

The Conrardy House represents an excellent intact example of a mid-century post and beam house. It has many of the defining elements of the style including a horizontal orientation, clerestory windows, low-sloping roof, large window walls open to the expansive views and a bomb shelter. The wood trim is birch and cedar.

Historic Landmark- Gilman Town Hall

Gilman Town Hall

165 SE Andrews Street

Built between 1888 and 1892, the Gilman Town Hall features a permanent exhibit called “In This Valley: The Story of Our Town,” which uses photographs, artifacts and interactive elements to explore different aspects of Issaquah’s past. Learn more from the Issaquah History Museum.

Historic Landmark- Hailstone Feed Store

Hailstone Feed Store and Gas Station (Shell Station)

232 Front Street N

The feed store building, located on the east side of Front Street, may have been constructed as a residence in the late 1890s. In 1941, Frank Hailstone and his sister, Nell Hailstone Falkenstein, purchased the building. In 1942 it reopened as the Hailstone Feed Store and Shell Gasoline Station. Learn more from the Issaquah History Museum.

Historic Landmark- Issaquah Depot

Issaquah Train Depot

78 1st Avenue NE

The city’s train depot was built in 1889, and now holds a museum with exhibits that explore the industrial revolution, travel, communication, and the early economic development of Issaquah. Learn more from the Issaquah History Museum.

Historic Landmark- Pickering Barn

Pickering Barn

1730 10th Avenue NW

Construction on the hay barn began in 1878, and the large dairy barn area was added in 1906. Pickering Barn was the center of Issaquah’s largest dairy farm for many years. Today the barn is on the National Register of Historic Places and a popular wedding venue.