Where to get your vaccine verification

WA Verify is a digital COVID-19 vaccine record service from the WA State Department of Health that uses a QR code to show record of your vaccination electronically. To sign up today, click here

MyIR Mobile partners with the WA State Department of Health to provide a complete list of you and your families immunization records that can be accessed on your phone. Sign up for a MyIR account now to access your and your family's immunization records 

Where to get a vaccine, exposure notifications, and testing

To find and schedule a COVID-19 vaccine near you, visit vaccine locator.

To find out if you’ve been near another person who later tests positive for COVID-19, visit WA Notify

To find COVID-19 testing sites, visit the DOH COVID-19 testing locations page. For K-12 students, staff, and parents/guardians, learn more about our partnership that helps schools provide easy COVID-19 testing on site.

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Vacuna contra COVID-19

How the Vaccine Works

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