Central Park Pad #3 Turf Replacement Project

Pad 3


The artificial turf fields at Pad #3 (a budgeted 2021 capital project) are at the end of their lifecycle and in need of replacement.

Instead of industry standard crumb rubber infill, the City has selected an environmentally friendly, high-performing and sustainable cork and silica sand infill. With this new product, a pad will also be installed underneath the turf carpet which will last through several future turf carpet and infill system replacements.

In addition, some damaged fencing surrounding the field will also to be replaced.  


The Central Park Pad #3 artificial turf fields were originally opened for public use in 2010. Over the last 11 years, the fields have received significant use by soccer, lacrosse and football teams. It is customary that artificial turf (the field carpet) and infill systems are replaced as part of routine maintenance every 8-15 years depending upon wear; much like the carpet in a home.


Dates for field closure are June through mid-August, 2021.  During this timeframe, Pad #3 will be closed to public access. Areas of closure include the fields, the walking path around the field, storage containers, restrooms and the lower portion of the parking lot.  

Sports uses (scheduled and drop-in) will be reassigned to other fields during the construction timeframe.