Virtual Court

How to Attend a Scheduled Virtual Zoom Hearing

If you are scheduled for a court hearing today or would like to participate in a virtual hearing, follow the directions below to access the virtual courtroom. Cases scheduled for first appearance arraignment must appear in-person, per court rule.

Method 1 – Direct Link: Access the Issaquah Virtual Courtroom

Method 2 - Enter Data Manually in Web Browser or Zoom App: 

Go to or Download the Zoom App and enter:

  • Personal Meeting ID: 725 179 6806
  • Password: 135135

Watch Virtual Courtroom

Courtroom operations are open to the public for viewing. 

Video stream may be available at the Judge’s discretion by entering the virtual courtroom

Attend Community Court

Use this link to access the Community Court Virtual Courtroom.

If needed, use the following information:

  • Meeting ID: 936 881 4022
  • Password: 135135

Recording is Prohibited

The public can watch the court proceeding but cannot record it using any audio or video devices. Anyone who records the proceedings, other than the official court reporter, may be held in contempt of court. After the livestream concludes, the YouTube video will be permanently deleted and cannot be accessed. The official record will be the court's own audio recording in the courtroom, which is required.

Video Court Tips

  1. Logistics
  2. Your Environment
  • To appear by video, you will need a device with an internet connection, video camera and microphone (or a headset with microphone)
  • Please check your device at this link prior to the hearing:
  • Be sure that your username for the video (Zoom) hearing is the same as the name on the hearing notice you received from the court
  • Join the video session 15 minutes before the scheduled hearing time; If you arrive late, you will end up waiting longer.
  • Keep yourself muted until the court asks you to speak (mute/unmute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon)
  • If you get dropped from the session, please join again.
  • If a language interpreter is present, be aware that they might interrupt from time to time to clarify who is speaking