Officer Murr

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I’ve spent the last decade prior to joining the Issaquah Police Department working as a Customer Service Supervisor with the aspirations of one day becoming a Police Officer. I enjoy helping others, problem solving and leading by example whenever possible. A career in law enforcement always appealed to me because it allowed myself to demonstrate all these qualities, while also being able to be proactively protect & face new & exciting challenges. 

I chose to work for the City of Issaquah because it shares a lot of the same qualities as my hometown and at the same time brings me a new, and exciting change of scenery. The department also shares a lot of the same values I deem to be very important such as integrity, ethics and attitude. The sense of community, teamwork and selflessness I experience at IPD is what made me decide this is the agency I want to work for. 

I feel very fortunate to get an opportunity to work in this amazing city and get to know the community, while treating everyone with dignity and respect.

-Issaquah Police Department Officer Murr