Officer Gutierrez

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I’m an easy-going guy. I try my best to get along with everyone and treat every person that I meet with respect. I grew up with this type of perspective and I thank my mother for teaching me this value early in life.

Before I joined Issaquah Police, I used to work in retail and the security industry. I gained an enormous amount of experience while working in those types of environments and an appreciation for how important communication is. It also gave me a glimpse into law enforcement, which was always my intention of joining. 

I chose to work for the City of Issaquah because it reminded me of home. The City is not too big or too small. Issaquah gives off a vibe that it likes to do its own thing, which my hometown of Santa Barbara, California is known for. 

The community that resides here is great and they care for the City, which is important to me. IPD cares for the City and are heavily focused on community policing. I’m excited to be part of this community and my role serving and protecting the people of Issaquah. 

- Issaquah Police Department Officer Brand Gutierrez