NW Sammamish Road Non-Motorized Improvements

Project Area Map


The City is adding bicycle and pedestrian improvements on NW Sammamish Road between 193rd Place SE and the Lake Sammamish State Park entrance. The project will increase mobility between the South Lake Sammamish neighborhoods and the Central Issaquah downtown area.

Benefits of the project include:

  • Increased safety for bikes and pedestrians
  • Better connections to regional trails/amenities in Downtown Issaquah
  • Making transportation more equitable for those who do not have access to a personal vehicle
  • New roadway surfacing for motorized vehicles
  • Fills in the non-motorized infrastructure gap surrounding Lake Sammamish


NW Sammamish Road is an essential corridor for the City that provides access between two major interchanges for lakeside communities north of Interstate 90. This missing link around Lake Sammamish needs non-motorized improvements to provide safe and equitable access in North Issaquah.

Due to available space in the corridor and environmentally sensitive areas, there are limitations to the width of proposed improvements and the type of facility may change through the corridor to account for those limitations.


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