Park Ranger

The Park Ranger serves as a steward and ambassador of the City’s parks, trails and open spaces. The Ranger position is intended to promote a safe and welcoming park experience through professional interaction with park patrons.

The Park Ranger is responsible for the routine patrol of approximately 1800 acres of public lands owned by the City of Issaquah including: 

  • 23 parks;
  • Two cemeteries;
  • Numerous Native Growth Protection Areas/Easements (NGPAs/NGPEs);
  • Natural Resource Conservation Areas (NRCAs);
  • Protected wetlands;
  • Open spaces and
  • Trails and trailheads. 

Some of these spaces are co-managed with various public and private entities.

The Park Ranger does not hold a law enforcement commission and works in an unarmed capacity. However, the Ranger works collaboratively with the Issaquah Police Department, Washington State agencies; the King County Sheriff’s Office and Regional Animal Services of King County to resolve park issues.

Meet Our Park Ranger Alex

Role Functions

Provides education regarding the Issaquah Municipal Code and other local laws to encourage responsible and lawful park use. Of particular concern are off-leash dogs, vandalism, littering, fires and unsanctioned alcohol. 

The Ranger helps ensure safe and secure parks through regular vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrols.