Jury Duty

Eligible Issaquah, Duvall, Snoqualmie and North Bend residents may be called for jury duty at the Municipal Court. For questions about your jury service, please follow the instructions on your jury summons or call the court at 425-837-3170.

If you received a summons to appear for jury service at the Issaquah Municipal Court, please complete this form.

Juror's Guide

Please review the below video, prior to your jury service term:

Frequently Asked Questions During COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Are jury trials still needed? Yes, jury trials are a cornerstone of the justice system. They are critical to fair hearings and a key constitutional guarantee (Amendment VI, U.S. Constitution) for all.
  2. Will jury duty be in person or via virtual means. To the extent possible, there will be an option to appear for the initial assembly of the jury virtually via Zoom, in conjunction with in-person assembly for those not able to access remote technology. Please contact the court clerk’s office for instructions on virtual attendance. Jurors paneled for the trial will need to appear in person. There are many reasons for this to include constitutional rights of the accused, access to attorney presentations and access to evidence/exhibits.
  3. What if I am in the high-risk category or I am an essential worker? Can I be excused or rescheduled for jury duty? Yes, you can. Follow the instructions on your summons to apply for these options.
  4. Will the courthouse be clean and safe? Yes, the courthouse courtrooms and jury deliberations rooms will be cleaned thoroughly daily. Protecting the health and safety of the public and courthouse staff is essential.
  5. Will the courtroom and jury rooms adhere to the CDC precautionary measures of social distancing? Yes, the court will adhere to the CDC precautionary measures. Jury positions will be marked in the courtrooms and jury deliberation will occur in a courtroom as opposed to the jury deliberation room to allow for social distance seating.
  6. Will I have to bring a mask and gloves? If you personally desire to bring and wear your own personal protective equipment you may do so. The court will also have masks and face shields available if you would like one.
  7. Will the courthouse have hand sanitizer dispensers and hand washing areas available? Yes, hand sanitizers and hand washing areas will be available in the courthouse.
  8. What if I feel unsafe or sick after reporting to jury duty? Contact the court clerk’s office immediately.
  9. What if I feel sick the day of jury service? Should I report for jury duty, or do I stay home? If you feel sick, stay home and contact the court clerk’s office for instructions.
  10. Will coffee and reading materials be available? At this time for CDC precautionary reasons the court will not be offering coffee or reading materials. Please feel free to bring your own. Dispose of them once done.

Please contact the court clerk’s office for any additional questions.