Contractor's Code of Conduct

The City has adopted a Contractor’s Code of Conduct in Issaquah Municipal Code section 16.01. This code is intended to assist the public and builders in our city to know what our community standards are for construction noise, parking, waste removal, public notification and more. This document will be signed by developers and builders at the start of the process and posted on construction sites. 

Specific notification requirements are based on project size. Projects are broken down into “Tiers”.

Tier 1 

Smaller projects such as individual single-family homes and interior remodels. No signage or notification would be required on these.

Tier 2   

Medium sized projects, such as multi-family dwellings (4-plex and lower), exterior commercial remodels with minimal public amenity impact such as short sidewalk closures or parking lot modifications. Paper signage with contractor name and contact information would be required to be posted at these sites, but no database of information on the project would be required.

Tier 3   

Large projects, such as new developments, office buildings, other commercial projects, and other projects creating significant impacts to roads and pedestrian amenities. Projects in this tier would require paper signage on site and notification of surrounding neighbors, including tenants and building owners. Staff recommends requirement of a database with QR code or other technology that citizens can scan to get project details. At a minimum, these would include a project contact person with 24 hour each day availability; project schedule updated with changes, project size and scope, and any road closure or utility impacts.