NW Juniper Multi-Pupose Path

Project Overview

This project will complete the design of a separated multi-purpose path along the north side of NW Juniper Street, between Newport Way NW and the existing separated multi-purpose path on the east side of 7th Ave NW. This project benefits non-motorized users by providing a paved path that is separated and protected from the vehicular traffic by street trees and a landscaped buffer. Also included in this project is irrigation, drainage (where necessary), and ADA-compliant curb ramps. Other items to be evaluated in the design process include illumination, crosswalks, and signage.


Design will begin in 2024.


This project is located within the regional growth center and provides an important connection for bicyclists and pedestrians between the improvements along Newport Way and the existing trails along 7th Ave NW and NW Juniper Street east of 7th Ave NW.

The project will be coordinated closely with an on-going separate City of Issaquah project along Newport Way NW, which enhances multi-modal travel, traffic operations and safety for all users along that corridor. The existing path along NW Juniper Street is a part of the larger Maple-Juniper Trail. This project makes the connection and provides pedestrian and bicycles safe access between the existing Maple-Juniper Trail and the proposed improvements along Newport Way between Maple and Sunset. 

The project is partly funded by a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant.

Project Timeline

  • 2024: Design begins

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