Camera / Photo Enforcement

The Issaquah Police Department’s photo enforcement program aims to enhance safety near several schools.

Two cameras are used on Second Avenue Southeast to monitor speeds in the school zone from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. on days that school is in session. Traffic cameras do not operate outside of these times, on weekends, holidays or during the schools’ summer breaks.

The speed limit in the school zone is 20 miles per hour.

Photo enforcement tickets do not appear on your driving record. If you received a photo enforcement ticket, you must respond within 18 days.

Visit our Infraction, Parking and Photo Enforcement page to learn more.

Deferred findings are not available on photo enforcement tickets, as these tickets are not made a part of your driving record.

2022 Photo Enforcement Program Annual Report

Under state law (RCW 46.63.170), cities and counties are required to report the number of traffic accidents that occurred near automated traffic safety cameras and the number of infractions issued for each camera.

Collisions: 2

Citations: 11,934