Salmon Friendly Trips

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We encourage all residents, employees, employers and visitors to try more salmon-friendly travel options, including carpool, vanpool, transit, biking, walking, and teleworking whenever possible! Changing just one or two trips a week is a small change that can still make a big difference!

Why Salmon?

Salmon have a special presence in Issaquah. By having a salmon as our mascot, we want everyone in the community to think about the connection between transportation choices and the impacts those choices have on our environment, which is critical to the health of our salmon.

Choosing a Salmon Friendly Trip creates a more sustainable environment for all of us — and we're here to help you make your choice!

Learn more about your options for getting around Issaquah and our region:


Salmon Friendly Trips - Bus


Salmon Friendly Trips - Carpool


Salmon Friendly Trips - Vanpool


Salmon Friendly Trips - Telework


Salmon Friendly Trips - Bike


Salmon Friendly Trips - Walk

Questions? Contact us and we can help you plan your trip or find a ride match.

Are you an employer in Issaquah? Learn more about our options!

School Pool

We encourage families to share the ride or to walk or bike together to school. Our SchoolPool program and Safe Routes to School toolkit will give you the tools and resources to find smart, shared travel solutions to get your students to and from school, and after-school activities more efficiently.

Just One Trip

Just One Trip is a King County Metro Transit program that wants to reward you for trying alternative modes! Visit Just One Trip for helpful how-tos, tools to plan and track you trips, construction updates for major regional projects (including park-and-ride information), and more.

Everyone can practice Salmon Friendly Trips!