Block Watch


Protect yourself and your community from crime by participating in our neighborhood Block Watch program.

Our program enables the Issaquah Police Department and our community to work together to make your neighborhood more resistant to criminal activity.


Block Watch has a history of success because participants want to assume a more active role in their community.

A strong community bond is still our most effective tool in preventing crime. By working together in a community-based effort, citizens and the police prevent burglaries, vehicle prowls, thefts, child abduction, illegal drug use, and other criminal and unsafe activities.

Block Watch also builds a stronger relationship between our officers and citizens.

Get Started

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your neighbors! Forming a Block Watch is a rewarding experience.

Interested? To get started, email Sergeant Ryan Raulerson or call at 425-837-3238.

How Block Watch Works

Block Watch is an extension of what you probably do already. People tend to watch out for their closest neighbors. But you may not know everyone on your entire block.

Once a relationship has been established, neighbors begin to work together to keep an eye out for each other.

We simply ask you to be alert of what's going on in your neighborhood. A police officer patrolling your block may not recognize a stranger in your yard, but your neighbor will.

What You'll Learn

As a Block Watch participant, you'll learn to recognize and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood, as well as:

  • Techniques to reduce your risk of being victimized at home and in public.
  • The importance of recognizing suspicious activity, and how to alert police.
  • How to make your home more secure and properly mark your property.
  • Your neighbors' routines so that any out-of-place activity can be reported and investigated.

In addition, police will keep participants informed of criminal activity, trends and patterns to prepare neighbors to spot and stop potential problems.

Once a Block Watch is established, neighbors can also meet and discuss other issues, such as emergency preparedness, city planning, road construction and improvements.

What Block Watch is Not

  • A citizen's patrol or vigilante force.
  • Designed for participants to take personal risks to prevent crime.