Septic Inspections


Properties in Issaquah that have private septic systems and are located close to an existing sewer line are required to submit supporting documents to the City every three years to demonstrate that their systems are functioning adequately (Issaquah Municipal Code 13.32.030). If those systems fail, they must connect to the public sewer.

Inspection and Maintenance

The King County Board of Health code requires all owners to maintain their septic systems to protect and preserve public health.

Documents Needed

The following documents must be provided to the City every three years:

  • Site evaluation survey – An inspection of your septic system must be performed by Public Health - Seattle & King County or by a certified company.
  • Waiver form - If the evaluation verifies that your system is functioning properly, you can stay on your current system for another three years by signing and submitting this Septic Inspection Waiver Form with a copy of your OSM's inspection report.

The City will mail notifications every three years to remind property owners affected by this requirement to submit this information. Failure to meet these requirements could result in code enforcement actions, including a monetary penalty.

Non-Functioning Systems

Your septic system is considered "non-functioning" if sewage is surfacing on the ground and routine maintenance cannot fix it. If this is the case, you are required to connect to City sewer. Please contact the Community Planning and Development Department immediately to determine your best course of action.