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5 Steps to Creating a Ticket

  1. Click "New Request" on the map
  2. Mark the map location of your ticket by adding an address or dragging the marker
  3. Confirm your location
  4. Select the category related to your ticket
  5. Add all relevant information
Submit a Request
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Important Notes

This service is NOT intended for certain situations. 

  • Emergencies, or urgent problems that endanger life or property. For those concerns, call 911. 
  • For non-emergency issues that need the City’s immediate attention, call 425-837-3200. 
  • Notifying us using this tool does not qualify as filing a claim. Learn more about filing a claim
  • The Issaquah Police Department allows for specific police reports to be filed online. Learn more to see if Online Reporting is right for you.
  • If you are interested in submitting a public records request, please use our other portal