Parks Strategic Plan

Issaquah - Your Parks - Your FutureYour Parks, Your Future

Issaquah's parks are your parks.

As our community evolves and needs change, we've worked with residents, visitors, and other park and trail users to set our vision for future investments in Issaquah's parks, trails and open space.

Parks Strategic Plan

Your input was heard, and shaped the future of Issaquah's Park System – your park system.


Issaquah's Parks and Recreation vision is to connect residents and visitors to nature and each other through a vibrant parks and trails system within the city, neighborhoods, and regional lands that provide recreation and outdoor activities for a balanced, healthy, and inclusive mountain, lake and valley community.

What's Next

The Parks Strategic Plan provides a map that guides city officials, staff, partners and the public in integrating the park system and vision into:

  • System plans (Comprehensive Plan, the six-year Capital Improvement Plan, and funding strategies)
  • Annual budgets (both operating and capital improvement)
  • Capital projects (including master plans, design and construction)

This integration will enable the growth of a connected, active, vital city through successful creation and completion of parks, trails, and open space projects. Project by project, the system vision is achieved. As projects are budgeted, we look forward to further engaging with residents and appreciate your continued involvement.


For a brief summary of the plan's development and implementation process, visit the Parks Strategic Plan Story Boards (PDF) to find details on the engagement process, strategic park projects and what steps are needed to implement the plan's vision.