Indoor Track

Keep Moving Indoors!

Are you looking for a place to continue your daily run or walk...rain or shine? Keep moving indoors! The indoor track is accessible on the second floor of the Community Center. 11.3 laps equals one mile!

Indoor Track Etiquette:

  • Walkers and joggers only on track.
  • No stollers, riding toys or balls.
  • Walkers stay to the inside lane.
  • No more than 2 people across.
  • Parents must keep children off the track.

Issaquah's Walking Challenge

  1. Start by walking around the track or on a treadmill at the Community Center.
  2. Keep track of your distance in your Walking Challenge log book (available at the front counter at the Community Center).
  3. At the end of each month, let us know how many laps/miles you have walked.

The goal is to walk as much as you can. We look forward to you joining the group of dedicated walkers!